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China Medical University (CMU)

Jiamusi University arranged in the city of Jiamusi. Jiamusi University was set up in 1947. In 1995, Jiamusi University endorsed by the previous state instruction commission and Jiamusi clinical school, Jiamusi designing school, Jiamusi typical school all are converged into Jiamusi University. This college cover 1965 sections of land zone. There are 4 establishments and 25 schools with 82 examination foundations. There is a great and effective group present at Jiamusi University with 4,564 instructors and staff. 1521 individuals have senior titles out of 4,564.

Jiamusi University has three appended emergency clinics.

Completely wi-fi grounds. Office of sports settings and current music lobby. It likewise has a cutting edge computerized library.

Jiamusi University sets up an agreeable relationship with other 26 colleges in excess of 11 nations. In excess of 800 unfamiliar understudies come here to join diverse alumni and endorsement programs in JMSU from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Canada, the US, Singapore, Thailand and so forth The JMSU keep a decent connection with medical clinics and foundations in America, France, Germany and Japan and so forth

Jiamusi University Courses:

Jiamusi University is affirmed by WHO and run MBBS program for global understudies. All the course is conveyed in English.

MBBS (In English) Span: 6 years Showing Language: English

Life structures, hereditary qualities, organic chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, general a medical procedure, criminological medication, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, radiology, dentistry, ophthalmology and so forth

MBBS Fee in Jiamusi University:

MBBS fee in Jiamusi University is affordable for international students.
22000 1000 8700(APPROX)

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