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Education Loan for students who wish to Study in Abroad

Get your education loan without admitting and without any collateral!
Why should I get my Loan to approve before Admission?

  1. To reduce last minute hassle and save time during your visa process
  2. Plan accordingly by knowing your eligibility in advance
  3. For the better acceptance of the sanction letter over the solvency letter

To get a loan which documents have to be produced?

  1. Complete application form
  2. Photos
  3. Photo ID (proof ID)
  4. Residence Proof
  5. Academic Documents
  6. Bank Statement
  7. Admission Proof
  8. Income proof of co-applicant
  9. Document of Immovable Property

What do the authorities look for when approving a loan?

There are two phases for a loan application:

  1. In-principle sanction
  2. Disbursement Fund

For an in-principal letter, this will be given in 7-10 days from the date of receipt with the completed application form and is attached with supporting documents from the customer.

Can I get a loan before getting confirmation from university?

Yes, your work-experience does make a positive impact while granting you a loan.

Does education loan is only for study not for other expenses?

Education loan allotted to you is complete education cost including your living expenses, tuition fees, books and periodicals and sometimes the travelling expenses also.

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